Upcoming! Saturday 2nd of July, we will host ARTS ALIVE. On this day we want to release freedom in creativity. That through creativity you will find your voice and expression with the Lord.

Different professional artists will help you in developing your skills and expression in different forms of arts. We want to host you in an inspirational environment where you can totally relax and be free in who you are. 

On this day you can choose to follow one of the following workshops:

– Dance Workshop

– Flag Workshop

– Prophetic Art Workshop


The DANCE workshop will be hosted by Synaima Bevelander. Synaima is a true worshiper and prayer warrior. She loves dancing and is teaching dance already for 8 years. Synaima has a great understanding of the importance of movement and expression. With her skills and knowledge she will bring you higher and deeper in understanding the importance of dance and expressing yourself in dance. 

In the dance class you will learn how to come closer to the heart of the Father, how to express yourself through dancing and how to praise through dancing.

FLAG WORKSHOP (in english)

The FLAG workshop will be hosted by Sonja Kreisel. Sonja is a professional artist and well developed in different art forms. She is a known and skilled teacher in Germany and abroad. Through years of experience she has gained much understanding about these art forms. She is one of the best teachers in worshipping with flags. She is the one that brings you deeper in intimacy with the Lord. In understanding how to use flags in worship. And how you can experience freedom in flagging.


The PROPHETIC ART workshop will be hosted by Manuela and Stefanie Botman. Manuela is a graduated graphic designer and fine artist. She is skilled beyond measure and knows a lot about different techniques. In the past years she has specialised in visual story telling and loves to host the presence in her arts. 

Stefanie got captured by arts in 2015. Since than she started painting and experiencing freedom through arts. She is captivated by the expression of arts and the voice that it releases on the earth. Now she is selling her art and inspiring others through arts. 

This day she will also be your host.

Both Manuela and Stefanie create a safe environment, where you can express and discover your unique expression with the Lord. That you may find your own way of Prophetic Art with the Lord. 



– A day in an inspirational environment

– Skilled professional artists

– Fellowship with others

– A luxury lunch

– Approximately 4 hours of workshop

– Most of all, an inspiring day!


July 2nd 2022. Doors open at 09:30. We will start at 10:00 and the day will end around 15:00/15:30. 


Horst, Limburg


€ 80,- (incl. taxes) per person

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